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Explore growth opportunities and join our mission to provide cutting-edge financial solutions.

We stay consistent in our drive to build capacities whilst delivering excellent service. Being a part of the Parthian team means tackling everyday challenges with dedication, innovation, excellence, teamwork, and service.

If you are looking to build your career journey at whatever stage, explore our job vacancies and find an opportunity that is best suited for you. At Parthian, we take pride in our value proposition of a favorable working environment, competitive remuneration, career advancement, and development. We invite you to join our team. Parthian Partners Limited is an equal opportunity and favorable action employer.

Our GMT Programme

Ready to challenge yourself to join
Parthian’s Next Generation of Leaders?

We harness the potential of young talent through our Graduate Management Training (GMT) program, thereby helping people establish successful lives as individuals and professionals while ensuring the continuity of excellent people at Parthian.

Our GMT program, 12 months of immersive learning, and hands-on training in various departments within the firm help fresh graduates build their ability to research, analyze and proffer practical solutions to business problems.

Applications are now open for 2023/2024 Parthian Graduate Management and Tech Trainee Programme.


What You'll Get

Supported transition into the
corporate work environment

Our GMT Program is specifically designed for young graduates and is structured to help provide valuable support and skills needed to build your confidence in the workplace.

Help to decide your
chosen career path

Our scheme also provides the opportunity to
work across several different areas of the
business during job attachments, so you
can really discover the best fit for your skills and interests.

Clear development plan
and long-term support

The Programme provides clear progression opportunities through ongoing training and the chance to get involved in a variety of projects, working with highly skilled and experienced professionals in various fields. You also stand a chance to bag a permanent Job placement at Parthian Partners if you meet the requirements at the end of the program.

Continued professional development

The GMT Program provides you the opportunity to study for further professional qualifications through on-the-job training. This means you not only get the chance to put the skills you’ve already learned through your degree into practice, you can also, develop and channel them with further qualifications to suit the particular career path you have chosen or you will choose.