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An Inter-dealer broker (IDB) is an intermediary that facilitates large blocks of securities transactions between dealers in the secondary market.

No. As an IDB, Parthian Partners deals with wholesale/institutional clients such as pension fund administrators (PFAs), insurance companies, banks, other large financial institutions and broker-dealers. Retail investors can however invest in an array of financial products via www.i-investng.com

Parthian Partners deals in Fixed income securities such as FGN bonds, corporate bonds, state bonds, Treasury bills, Eurobonds, commercial papers, promissory notes, etc.
Through longstanding relationships with players in the secondary market, Parthian Partners has the rare advantage of knowing the prices on both buy-side and sell-side, thus enabling them to match prices for their clients

Yes. Parthian Partners is licensed and regulated by the FMDQ Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Check sec.gov.ng/cmos to verify.

The minimum trade size for a Eurobond is $200,000 face value, but some Eurobond mutual funds accept investments as low as $1,000. Talk to our fixed income brokers: [globalmarkets@parthianpartnersng.com]

As an IDB, we can execute large ticket transactions without adversely moving the market, we also provide anonymity, hedge against credit risk (especially when counter-party is of lower rating), whilst giving you access to better pricing and market information

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