How to report

Whistle-blowing reports should be made using the email address or telephone line below



182b Moshood Olugbani Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


Parthian Partners Limited has put in place an effective whistle-blowing program. Its objectives are to provide a safe avenue for escalating suspected misconduct without fear of reprisal and also to reinforce Parthian Partner’s zero-tolerance of fraudulent, illegal, and unethical conduct.


Confidential Whistleblowing: A whistleblower is encouraged to reveal his or her identity when a report or disclosure is made using any of the channels (email or phone number). This approach helps the investigation significantly, as the Whistleblower can be contacted to provide further details on the report, where necessary.

Anonymous Whistleblowing: However, a whistleblower may choose not to reveal his or her identity upon making a report. With the reporter’s anonymity thus assured, the identity of the reporter cannot be ascertained by anyone. Should this approach be chosen, the Whistleblower must ensure that enough information is provided to enable a thorough investigation.

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